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    2. About Us




      Great Source Integrated Marketing Communications CO.,LTD was founded in 1995. For 28 years, we have been devoting ourselves to provide professional integrated marketing services for numerous high-end brands. Our continuous innovation and exploration have made us one of the largest and strongest offline marketing agency in China. Our staff is composed of a group of young people full of vitality, and it is these elite marketing talents who forged the achievement and glories of Great Source. Our business developers, customer service personnel, and creative planning personnel have all provided professional services for the top 500 brands in the world with their rich market experience and unique international perspectives. Our executives have carried out millions of terminal promotion events, possessing the best adaptability and control ability in the industry. It is their perseverance that makes Great Source continuously moving forward and upward.

      As time is flowing and clients are progressing, Great Source will continue to improve ourselves towards a broader, more open and more professional future.

      What We Believe




      We believe that it is meaningless to plan and design out of market, therefore, we insist on providing suitable marketing strategies for our clients to help them truly enhance their market influence. Over the years, we have fought side by side with our clients carrying a win-win principle of mutual benefit.

      To help our clients achieve a rapid growth in brand strength, and to assist them in the success of marketing strategy through the rational use of market, event aesthetics, and marketing strategy is our eternal mission and belief!

      Our Culture


      28 Years of Professional Experience




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